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Sweden: 607603, International no: 1688816, US no: 79352174

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The meaning behind our brand name HIDDEN CULT®
"CULT" symbolizes the popularity within a select group, while "HIDDEN" reflects our unique position as a non-conventional label, embracing a modern and raw approach. We aim to break away from traditional norms and offer a fresh perspective on style and aesthetics to empower individuals to embrace their own personal style, encouraging each person to express their uniqueness in a way that resonates with them.

HIDDEN CULT® is an independent brand established in Sweden, Europe. We're committed to providing you unique & one-of-a-kind products and collections that are exclusively designed and carefully produced in limited quantities, ensuring you our signature quality and originality. Each piece is made to embody our brand's unique aesthetic while also encapsulating personality and culture. As our brand and community grow together, we remain dedicated to constant evolution, always striving to offer the highest quality possible.

By maintaining complete control over our supply chain, we guarantee responsible, cruelty-free production that aligns with our core values. We strive for continuous improvement, always searching for innovative, eco-friendly materials and services that elevate our brand and business to new levels. Most of our garments are constructed from premium, all-natural fibers, and our custom organic dyes are sourced from pure, unadulterated sources, providing you with a long-lasting, chemical-free garment that is safe for both you and the planet.

We are committed to sustainability beyond sourcing organic fabrics and responsible production. We extend our dedication to the environment in various ways. For example, all of our signature brand packaging is made locally with recycled & eco-friendly materials. We use recycled paper and faux plastic protection bags made out of potato starch. In addition, we have partnered with FedEx Express, a shipping industry leader, which provides a premium, fast, and reliable delivery service while actively working to reduce their environmental impact. Learn more about their priority earth initiative here.

When you choose HIDDEN CULT®, you can be confident in our commitment to fair labor practices, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. We believe that quality, human rights, and animal welfare should never be sacrificed for the sake of cost. Our commitment to sustainable production and high quality is evident in every aspect of our clothing, starting with the seamstresses who handcraft each piece. By paying wages in line with global standards, we ensure that our customers receive only the best, crafted with care and attention to detail. Our prices reflect our commitment to high-quality, lasting products crafted from the finest organic materials and dyes available.

We appreciate your support for a responsible, independent brand.