Size guide: Celestine Bikini Top

HIDDEN CULT® Celestine Bikini Top
Registered trademarked product by HIDDEN CULT® / Our products are cruelty-free.
Double layered swimwear halter bikini top with ruffles and tie closure with gold HC pendants. You can make a knot on the strings to adjust the top if you would like the top to be/stay smaller in for example height.

Strings can be shortened and pendants can be removed by loosening the knots for the pendants. Discoloration may occur when exposed to water, chlorine and salt for a long period of time.

XSMALL   EU: 32-34   UK: 4-6   US: 0-2
 Made to fit 80-87cm / 31.5-34.3" circumference
Waist: Made to fit 58-64cm / 22.9-25.2" circumference

SMALL   EU: 36   UK: 8   US: 4
Made to fit 83-90cm / 33-35.4" circumference
Waist: Made to fit 65-70cm / 25.6-27.5" circumference

MEDIUM   EU: 38   UK: 10   US: 6
Made to fit 88-97cm / 34.7-38.2" circumference
Waist: Made to fit 70-75cm / 27.5-29.5" circumference

LARGE   EU: 40   UK: 12   US: 8
Made to fit 93-104cm / 36.6-41" circumference
Waist: Made to fit 75-80cm / 29.5-31.5" circumference

XLARGE   EU: 42   UK: 14   US: 10
Made to fit 
98-107cm / 38.6-42.1" circumference
Waist: Made to fit 80-85cm / 31.5-33.4" circumference

XXLARGE   EU: 44   UK: 16   US: 12
Bust: Made to fit 103-110cm / 40.5-43.3" circumference
Waist: Made to fit 85-90cm / 33.5-35.4" circumference

Washing instructions: Hand wash, hang to dry. Do not iron.