Size guide: Wynn 2.0 Laced Up Corset

HIDDEN CULT® Wynn 2.0 Laced Up Corset
Registered trademarked product by HIDDEN CULT® / Our products are cruelty-free.
Laced up corset style top with flattering seam details and a tight fit. Two rows of laced up details in the front and one middle row in the back. The top is without boning. Made out of high end, plant based 100% cotton and dyed with organic dye. Tight "corset" style fit, please check the size guide and do not size down.

XSMALL   EU: 32   UK: 4   US: 0
Bust: Made to fit 78-82cm / 31-32.2" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 56-63cm / 22-24.8" (adjustable lacing)

SMALL   EU: 34-36   UK: 6-8   US: 2-4
Bust: Made to fit 82-87cm / 32.2-34.3" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 64-67cm / 25.2-26.4" (adjustable lacing)

MEDIUM   EU: 38   UK: 10   US: 6
Bust: Made to fit 87-92cm / 34-36.2" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 70-74cm / 27.6-29.1" (adjustable lacing)

LARGE   EU: 40   UK: 12   US: 8
Bust: Made to fit 93-98cm / 36.6-38.6" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 75-80cm / 29.1-31.5" (adjustable lacing)

XLARGE   EU: 42   UK: 14   US: 10
Bust: Made to fit 98-104cm / 38.6-41" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 80-85cm / 31.5-33.4" (adjustable lacing)

XXLARGE   EU: 44   UK: 16   US: 12
Bust: Made to fit 104-111cm / 41-44" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 85-90cm / 33.4-35.4" (adjustable lacing)