Size guide: Wynn Laced Up Dress

HIDDEN CULT Wynn Laced Up Dress
Registered trademark product by HIDDEN CULT® / Our products are cruelty-free.
Asymmetrical halterneck mini dress with open back. Lace up details on the sides and in the back. Made out of double layered french terry 100% cotton fabric. Tight "corset" style fit, please check the measurements and do not size down.

When trying it on be careful and lace up the dress and put it on to not damage the garment, as the dress is made to be fitted.

XSMALL  EU: 32  /  UK: 4  /  US: 0
Bust: Made to fit 78-82cm / 31-32.2" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 56-63cm / 22-24.8" (adjustable lacing)
Hips: Made to fit 80-84cm / 31.5-33" (adjustable lacing)
Front middle total length: Approx. 75cm / 29.5"

SMALL  EU: 34-36  /  UK: 6-8  /  US: 2-4
Bust: Made to fit 82-85cm / 32.2-33.5" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 64-67cm / 25.2-26.4" (adjustable lacing)
Hips: Made to fit 84-87cm / 33-34.3" (adjustable lacing)
Front middle total length: Approx. 78.5cm / 30.9"

MEDIUM  /  EU: 38  /  UK: 10  /  US: 6
Bust: Made to fit 86-92cm / 33.8-36.2" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 70-74cm / 27.6-29.1" (adjustable lacing)
Hips: Made to fit 87-93cm / 34.3-36.7" (adjustable lacing)
Front middle total length: Approx. 84cm / 33"

LARGE  /  EU: 40  /  UK: 12  /  US: 8
Bust: Made to fit 93-97cm / 36.6-38.2" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 75-80cm / 29.1-31.5" (adjustable lacing)
Hips: Made to fit 93-98cm / 36.7-39" (adjustable lacing)
Front middle total length: Approx. 87.5cm / 34.4"

XLARGE   EU: 42   UK: 14   US: 10
Bust: Made to fit 98-102cm / 38.6-40.2" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 80-85cm / 29.1-33.4" (adjustable lacing)
Hips: Made to fit 98-104cm / 39-41" (adjustable lacing)
Front middle total length: Approx. 90.3cm / 35.4"

XXLARGE   EU: 44   UK: 16   US: 12
Bust: Made to fit 103-108cm / 40.5-42.5" (adjustable lacing)
Waist: Made to fit 85-90cm / 33.4-35.4" (adjustable lacing)
Hips: Made to fit 104-109cm / 41-43" (adjustable lacing)
Front middle total length: Approx. 94cm / 37"

Washing instructions: Hand wash, hang to dry.
If washing in a washing machine, please place the garment inside a washing bag so the lacing/cords won't get stuck in the washing machine and potentially cause damage to the garment. Please wash on "hand wash" setting with cold water or on a delicate cycle and then hang to dry!