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HIDDEN CULT® Embroidered Black Dressing Gown
Designed in Sweden and made from luxury high-end vegan custom fabric. Relaxed fit black robe with white piping and monogramed tie belt. Embroidered HIDDEN CULT® logo on back. The perfect modern, sexy, and luxurious lounge wear.
- Heavyweight, luxury vegan custom fabric
- Solid black with white signature embroidered logo on back
- Embroidered white logo on both sides of belt
- White piping accents along lapels and cuffs

Due to the thickness of this non-transparent fabric and premium appearance, this gown can be worn both inside as well as outside the home, if you dare to embrace its versatility.


Size guide

Relaxed fit gown.

XSMALL   EU: 34-36   UK: 6-8   US: 2-4

Waist: Made to fit approx. 
60cm / 23.6"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit approx. 88-93cm / 34.5-36.5"
Length: Approx. 84cm / 33"
Sleeve length: Approx. 44cm / 17.3"

SMALL   EU: 36-38   UK: 8-10   US: 6-8
Waist: Made to fit approx. 65cm / 25.6"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit approx. 93-98cm / 36.5-38.5"
Length: Approx. 85.5cm / 33.7"
Sleeve length: Approx. 45cm / 17.7"

MEDIUM   EU: 38-40   UK: 10-12   US: 8-10
Waist: Made to fit approx. 70cm / 27.6"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit approx. 98-103cm / 38.5-40.5"
Length: Approx. 87cm / 34.2"
Sleeve length: Approx. 46cm / 18.1"

LARGE   EU: 40-42   UK: 12-14   US: 10-12
Waist: Made to fit approx. 75cm / 29.5"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit approx. 103-108cm / 40.5-42.5"
Length: Approx. 88.5cm / 34.9"
Sleeve length: Approx. 47cm / 18.5"

XLARGE   EU: 42-44   UK: 14-16   US: 12-14
Waist: Made to fit approx. 80cm / 31.5"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit approx. 108-113cm / 42.5-44.5"
Length: Approx. 90cm / 35.4"
Sleeve length: Approx. 48cm / 18.9"

XXLARGE   EU: 44-46   UK: 16-18   US: 14-16
Waist: Made to fit approx. 85cm / 33.5"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit approx. 113-118cm / 44.5-46.5"
Length: Approx. 91.5cm / 36"
Sleeve length: Approx. 49cm / 19.3"

size guide
Model stats
Smaller bust model:
Usually wear size XXS/XS in clothing. She wears a HIDDEN CULT® size Xsmall in Embroidered Dressing Gown.
Height: 5'5" / 166cm
Bust: 30" / 76cm
Waist: 22" / 56cm
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): 34" / 86cm

Fuller bust model:
Usually wear size XS/S in clothing and weigh approx. 125lbs/57kg. She wears a HIDDEN CULT® size Xsmall in Embroidered Dressing Gown.
Height: 5'6" / 167cm
Bust: 34" / 87cm
Waist: 24.4" / 62cm
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): 36.2" / 92cm
Washing instructions

Follow the washing instructions on the label inside of the garment.
Hand wash cold, use gentle laundry detergent, hang to dry.

Garment can be steamed to remove creases. To prevent and minimize creases without heat after washing, give the garment a good shake to help release wrinkles. While the garment is still damp hang it on a hanger to finish air-drying.