Can I cancel or modify my order?

No, we regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate any changes or modifications to confirmed orders. It is vital that you carefully review the item(s), size(s), and delivery information before placing your order to ensure its accuracy.

The reason behind our inability to make changes lies in our fully automated packing and shipping system. This system relies on the accurate transfer of unique SKU and weight information for each item in the order directly to our shipping system. Any alteration to the order could disrupt this system and potentially result in errors.

What's your pack & ship time?

Orders ship Monday to Friday during business hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Our goal is to pack and dispatch your order within 1 working day, however, during high demand periods, we may need additional time to fulfill your order. All orders are delivered through FedEx and fully tracked.

US PRIORITY EXPRESS: Usually 2 business days once shipped
STANDARD SHIPPING: Usually 2-5 business days once shipped (and depending on your location)
AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND PRIORITY EXPRESS: Usually 5 business days once shipped

Full info on shipping page.

My parcel is delayed/pending, what does this mean?

If the tracking of the parcel is stated as ’delayed’ or ’pending’ on Fedex website, it usually means:

1. That the parcel is currently in transit to depart with the next available flight. This is common and nothing out of the ordinary, if the parcel has been delayed for more than 5 business days please get in contact with us at and we will get back to you.

2. That Fedex have tried to deliver your parcel but no one was either available at the delivery address during delivery, business was closed or the delivery address was incorrect/insufficient.

Please check the tracking for further information. If the Fedex have tried to make a delivery attempt please call Fedex to schedule a new delivery within 5 business days of the first delivery attempt.

You can find Fedex phone number at this link for your location:

If the delivery address was incorrect/insufficient please contact us at immediately with the correct and additional delivery information.

Do you ship worldwide?

USA, UK, CANADA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany (except the North Frisian Islands), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (except Chieti), Japan (except Kyoto), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Balearic Islands, Canary Islands), Switzerland.

(We are not able to ship to US locations: Armed forces, US, Virgin Islands, Puerto rico, Palau, Northern mariana islands, Marshall islands, Guam, Micronesia, American samoa).

How much do shipping cost?

Standard: Usually 2-5 business days
COST: 9 GBP, 9 EUR, 11 USD

US Priority Express: 2 business days
COST: 39 $

Australia & New Zealand Priority Express: 5 business days

Are items true to size?

All of our garments fits true to our size guide and description. For the best fit, we recommend checking our comprehensive size guide before placing your order. Each of our designs is crafted in-house with it's own unique measurements provided in the guide.

Are drops limited?

Yes, all items are manufactured in limited quantities. However, we try to restock our best sellers a few times a year. Some designs are strictly limited to one drop due to deadstock/rare fabric or color combinations. When this is the case, we clearly inform customers before the launch or drop. To stay updated on restocks and drops, join our email list and follow us on social media.

What's the packaging like?

We deliver your orders in our signature branded box, complete with a complimentary gift. Every garment will arrive in pristine condition, with its original tags guaranteed new and unworn, and protected by a degradable protective bag.

Is HIDDEN CULT a sustainable brand & business?

Of course, sustainability is something we’ve always been passionate about. Not only for the planet, but for you as a customer as well. We exclusively use organic dyes and natural fibers that are gentle on skin and health in our clothing creation(some outerwear for example may be made with synthetic recycled fabrics due to performance of the garment). We source the best, sustainable options possible for HIDDEN CULT in everything from manufacturing to shipping services, fabric and packaging. More about us here.

How’s your quality?

We offer garments that's built to last and always focus on the finer details. Our garments are crafted with high-quality, carefully sourced fabrics and elevated finishes. Each piece undergoes testing and inspection, ensuring that it arrives in pristine condition, sealed guaranteed new & unworn.

My order was canceled, why is this?

At checkout, we use a zip code verification process through your bank to ensure the safety of our customers from credit card fraud. If the zip check fails, it's usually because your bank has informed our payment gateway that the zip code does not match the one on file. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and have sent you a detailed email to explain the situation. Customer privacy and security are our top priority.

I received an email stating my order was fraudulent. Why?

We are unable to proceed with processing your order at this time. This might be due to:

1. The billing information, zip code, and payment card details provided do not align accurately with the order information you provided. Alternatively, the provided information may be inaccurate and not verifiable within our shipping system.

2. For security purposes, we are unable to accept orders that have been flagged as fraudulent, or potentially fraudulent by both our payment provider and the Shopify system. Additionally, accounts or cards with a history of chargebacks cannot be processed during this period. Such orders are automatically canceled, and the funds are promptly refunded. Please understand that these measures are imperative to safeguard our small business against the escalating threat of online fraud.

I've used matching zip & billing details, yet my order was canceled. Why?

This might be due to the information needed to deliver your order is insufficient or we do not deliver to your desired address (PO box, APO, campus etc), you have a chargebacks history with your card/bank or your order was flagged fraudulent by our payment provider for other reason. Please note that unfortunately we are unable to accept any orders marked as fraudulent and reserve the right to reject these as they are usually a huge risk for us as a small business.

My order didn't go through but there's an amount on hold in my account?

Your bank has your zip code and billing information registered to your card as a security measure, your bank unfortunately declined the transaction as the zip code and billing information didn’t match.

If you haven't provided the correct zip and billing information at checkout, an amount may occasionally be held by your bank temporarily as standard procedure on their behalf and will drop back shortly.

When an order is successfully paid you will always receive an order confirmation email within 5 minutes and be redirected to the checkout page with your order number.

I was charged twice?

If you see duplicate pending charges on your statement after making one purchase, do not panic. The duplicate pending charge is an authorization hold that is still being processed by your bank and will drop back in your account.

We are only able to successfully process one transaction per order, so please don't worry. The duplicate pending charges will drop back in your account.

Do you offer discount codes?

Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of raw materials and production, we are not able to offer any discount codes. However, we'd recommend checking out our sales section, where you can find discounts on selected products. We also advise to sign up for our emails to stay informed about any secret sales that might be happening in the future.