Size guide: Micro Folded Pocket Utility Skirt

IMPORTANT: This micro skirt is tight fit and short in length. Please review the measurements provided below. The top section features an elastic waistband, while the lower part has no stretch. Consult the maximum hip measurements for each size and compare to yours to ensure the skirt won't be too small. Do NOT size down, opt for a larger one if necessary. Each size's specifications are customized to ensure an ideal fit, accounting for both width and length.

Waist: Made to fit approx. 60cm / 23.6"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit maximum 86cm / 34"
Front length: Approx. 24.5cm / 9.6"
Back length: Approx. 26.5cm / 10.4"
Hem circumference: Approx. 85cm / 33.4"

Waist: Made to fit approx. 65cm / 25.6"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit maximum 93cm / 36.6"
Front length: Approx. 25.5cm / 10"
Back length: Approx. 27.5cm / 10.8"
Hem circumference: Approx. 91cm / 35.8"

Waist: Made to fit approx. 70cm / 27.6"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit maximum 99cm / 39"
Front length: Approx. 29.5cm / 11.6"
Back length: Approx. 31.5cm / 12.4"
Hem circumference: Approx. 97cm / 38.2"

Waist: Made to fit approx. 75cm / 29.5"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit maximum 105cm / 41.3"
Front length: Approx. 31.5cm / 12.4"
Back length: Approx: 33.5cm / 13.2"
Hem circumference: Approx. 103cm / 40.5"

Waist: Made to fit approx. 80cm / 31.5"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit maximum 111cm / 43.7"
Front length: Approx. 33.5cm / 13.2"
Back length: Approx. 35.5cm / 14"
Hem circumference: Approx. 109cm / 42.9"

Waist: Made to fit approx. 85cm / 33.5"
Hips (measured 10cm/4” below hipbone): Made to fit maximum 117cm / 46"
Front length: Approx. 35.5cm / 14"
Back length: Approx. 37.5cm / 14.8"
Hem circumference: Approx. 115cm / 45.3"

Before purchasing, check the measurement to ensure proper fit. Each item is made by us and has its own unique measurements. We also recommend comparing the product measurements to your own body measurements and a similar item in your wardrobe.


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